Do you remember what brand it was?

Riley O'Neil and I had a discussion during the morning show reminiscing about Blockbuster and the excitement of renting videos decades ago and that got us on the topic of VCRs.

I asked Riley if he remembered the first thing he recorded. His answer was a VERY 80s-esqe Miami Vice in '85 or '86. That might be the most 80s thing ever.

Mine was The Wizard of Oz. That was on TV the night we bought the VCR and dad taped it while we watched. He stopped the recording and rewound it during a commercial so we could watch the most recent scene again and then started recording again when the movie came back. Mind blown.

This was what we had.

Etsy TheThrowBackGarage
Etsy TheThrowBackGarage

The Zenith VR-1825-1. You needed a minor in computer science to program a recording and you better believe I figured it out in under 3 years. Ours even was missing the flip-down door after a few years. That might actually be our old VCR. It could be yours for 97 bucks.

Remember your first VCR experience? Let us know below.


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