Major League Baseball still has the title of "America's Pastime," but the NFL, in spite of lots of scandal, is the more popular of the two sports, at least according to a Harris poll.

From ESPN:

In 2014, 35 percent of fans call the NFL their favorite sport, followed by Major League Baseball (14 percent), college football (11 percent), auto racing (7 percent), the NBA (6 percent), the NHL (5 percent) and college basketball (3 percent).

In 1985, the first year the poll was taken, the NFL bested MLB by just one percentage point (24 to 23 percent), but since then interest in baseball has fallen while the NFL has experienced a huge rise in popularity.

Nine percent fewer fans call baseball their favorite sport over the 30-year span, the biggest drop of any sport. The polling numbers suggest that the sport hasn't been able to recover from a popularity standpoint from 1994, when a strike forced the cancellation of the World Series.

Here's a couple of more facts about the NFL, courtesy of For The Win:

The New England Patriots were almost named The Bay State Patriots...


If you signed up for the Green Bay Packers season ticket waiting list today, you'd wait almost 1000 years to get your tickets...


Despite the misnomer that the NFL only plays on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, the league has actually played games on every day of the week



And finally, the most fun fact of them all:

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