We've been hearing a lot about mascots over the last few years. Most notably, of course, is the ongoing debate over the Washington Redskins. Many schools have changed mascots and logos that were perceived to cause offense to different groups. The Washington Bullets changed their name to the Wizards due to complaints their name promoted violence.

This post is NOT about any of that stuff. Rather, it's a look at some strange, goofy, and unusual team names and mascots right here in Illinois.

According to a post at RebootIllinois.com,

 The most common high school mascot in Illinois is the Eagles, with 33 teams named after the bird. The next most common are the Wildcats, the Panthers and the Warriors.


As you work your way through the list, notice how many of our local area teams are on it:


  • Rochelle Township High School Hubs
  • DeKalb High School Barbs
  • South Beloit High School SOBOs
  • Genoa-Kingston High School Cogs
  • Hampshire High School Whip-Purs
  • Polo High School Marcos
  • Freeport High School and New Berlin High School Pretzels
  • Alden-Hebron High School Green Giants
  • Cobden High School Appleknockers
  • Hoopeston Area High School Cornjerkers
  • Teutopolis High School Wooden Shoes
  • Effingham High School Flaming Hearts
  • Centralia High School Orphans
  • Dieterich High School Movin’ Maroons
  • Farmington Central High School Farmers
If that weren't enough for you (and why should it be), Mentalfloss takes a look at unusual college mascots: