This has got to be a dream come true for the wedding guest who's always wanted to enjoy someone's nuptials with a slice of Sbarro pizza in one hand, and an Auntie Anne's pretzel in the other.

I'm looking an an email sent to me by CherryVale Mall's Marketing Director, Melissa Cavanagh. I should say invitation, rather than email:

"CherryVale Mall is thrilled to announce the wedding of Ken Mahnke and Donna Swanson will take place in Center Court on Saturday, March 2nd at 1pm.

Mahnke, an East High School grad, and Swanson, a West High School grad, are life-long residents of Rockford. The couple re-connected in October 2013 at CherryVale, having known each other since 2002. The reunion sparked a love that led to a proposal and a wedding to be held at CherryVale Mall.

The media is invited to attend the ceremony. The community is also invited to attend."

  • When: Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 1pm
  • Where: Center Court at CherryVale Mall

No word on where the happy couple are registered, and the invitation makes no mention of a dress code, so grab a slice and a pretzel--and cheer on Donna and Ken!


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