In Wisconsin, the top five most unusual high school mascots.

Setting The Tone For School Pride

I believe school pride is very important. You should be proud of where you attended class at all levels. Even before stepping through the doors and walking the halls, there are some things that will set the tone from the start.


I know it sounds strange but things like mascots, nicknames, and school colors make a huge difference. It is difficult to get excited about your teams if all those factors are bad or underwhelming. Don't get me wrong, I understand the most important part is the education that the students are receiving but being excited about your school is great too.


Wisconsin School Mascots Have a Good Leader

It is always good to have someone or something take charge and be the leader. Someone the rest can look up too. For Wisconsin schools, that is Bucky Badger. He is the mascot for the University of Wisconsin. I believe different is good. It makes you stand out. I think the world already has enough tigers, bulldogs, and lions.

The 99th Rose Bowl Game - Wisconsin v Stanford
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Tough Competition For Unusual High School Nicknames

I recently did some research about unusual high school nicknames for Wisconsin's neighbor to the south, Illinois. The Land of Lincoln has some impressive ones including the Wooden Shoes and Cornjerkers. To see my whole list, HERE. Let us see how Wisconsin matches up.

ERABS Scoreboard
ERABS Scoreboard

The Top Five Unusual High School Nicknames In Wisconsin

#5 Kaukauna High School Galloping Ghosts

#4 Mellen High School Granite Diggers

#3 Ashland High School Oredockers

#2 Rhinelander High School Hodags

#1 Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah High School Resorters

Who Has Better High School Nicknames Illinois Or Wisconsin

Another impressive list of unusual high school nicknames. When it comes to the battle between Illinois and Wisconsin, I am going to have to go with Illinois but Wisconsin is very close.

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