Friday afternoon Jon Lester announced that he was buying beers for Chicago over the Halloween weekend. 

After just one night, Chicagoans ran up a 4K bill for the new free agent. At 4-5 bucks a beer, that's close to a thousand fans taking Lester up on his offer.

The first thing that stood out to me right away was the VERY generous tips added to all the totals. I did quick math on the first two and thought "Wow, around 30%. What a good guy!" Then I got to the third bill where it spells out the exact gratuity percentage. 34%, Lester's uniform number.

I wonder if that's just what he tips all the time or he's just doing it for the weekend, but that's such an awesome move. Unsurprising, but still awesome.

Hopefully, the Cubs and Lester can work something out to bring him back next year. He and his fans deserve a proper goodbye to Chicago's best free-agent signing in the city's history.


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