Is this Jon Lester's goodbye to Cub fans?

So the big picture takeaway from this is that Jon Lester probably isn't coming back next year. He currently has a $25M club option next year. That means that the Cubs can either pay him $25M next year or let him go to free agency. Out of those two options, free agency is a much likelier option. Another, possibly most likely, option is for them to negotiate a new one year deal, but there's a lot that will happen between now and then.

In the meantime, Lester has offered to buy all of Chicago their first Miller Lite at a few local bars over the weekend. It's an interesting move considering that Chicago has ordered a stop to all inside service, which would include the 4 bars mentioned. Looks like those bars are following orders about as well as most. I don't think this was a political move at all, probably a pre-planned promotion that happened to fall on a brand new lockdown.

As a Cub fan, I say thank you to Jon Lester if this is the end. I don't think I'll make it to the city this weekend for a free Miller Lite, but I might have one at home in his honor.

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