The date was May 7, 1989. The location was Cleveland. The crime was crushing a city's spirit. 

Today marks the 19th anniversary of "The Shot." Michael Jordan had already risen to the status of Superstar. After this, you could add "cold-blooded assassin" to his resume.

This is one of my first sports memories. I was too young to really remember the 85 Bears. I grew up in a basketball house, so this was definitely on the television. I remember everything. It was Game 5 (first round was only best-of-5 back then) and the Cavs had dominated the Bulls during the regular season winning all 6 contests.

Jordan scored with 6 seconds left to give the Bulls a 1-point lead. Craig Ehlo countered with another quick layup on the other end to give the lead back to the Cavs. Then with 3 seconds left Jordan did what we in Chicago would become accustomed to, ripping the hearts out of his opponents because he absolutely refused to lose.

Now Cub fans know that wasn't the last time Chicago ruined the city of Cleveland.

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