It's been a long time since I've seen this many Rockfordians yawning incessantly. I mean, being part of a morning radio show where most of us get up at 3am, I see (and take part in) my fair share of yawning, but when you add in some late, late night playoff excitement, you've got a fan base that's happily dragging itself along this week.

Monday night's marathon NLDS playoff game wrapped up after 13 innings at around 1:50am, with the Cubs falling to the Giants, and while last night's affair didn't go as late, it was still after 11pm when all was said and done. Many of us have pointed out that winning the series somehow makes us less burned out than we were when the Cubs lost Monday night.

I prefer not to consider it too much, as I'm hoping there will be several more very late nights before the Cubs' season comes to a close with (hopefully) a World Series title.

If you, like me, just couldn't quite make it to the end of last night's clincher--enjoy a quick 360 degree look at the post-game celebration, while remembering all the sleep you used to get when the Cubs sucked weren't as good as they are now.