If this letter came from any other ownership group, I would immediately dismiss it as a photoshopped hoax. 

The recent messaging from the Bears front office gives this a shred of believability.

In the above tweet are three separate images. The first one is a letter the guy allegedly wrote to George McCaskey voicing his frustration with the team. He threatens to transfer his fandom to the San Diego Chargers if the Bears decide to bring GM Ryan Pace or head coach Matt Nagy back for the 2021 season. (This was allegedly sent in early December before the announcement that they both would be back.) The second picture is what the guys says George sent back, I'll transcribe that for you in a second. And the third is the envelope the letter allegedly arrived in.

Let's take a look at what George McCaskey "wrote" back:

 Dear Mr. Gould,

We are disappointed to learn that you are ending your lifelong allegiance to the Bears. However, you've made an excellent choice in deciding to root for the Chargers. They have an exciting and talented quarterback, and a bright future.

Perhaps in time we will give you or your children reason to return to the navy-and-orange.

In the meantime, Bolt Up!

Just an absolutely preposterous letter for an owner to send a fan.

Here are the reasons why this might be real:

  • George McCaskey is known for handwriting notes back to fans who send him letters.
  • Apparently, the handwriting does match up with other verified samples.
  • Nothing this front office does will ever surprise me.

The reasons why it might be fake:

  • They apparently just recently sent out letters to season holders about tickets next year so the post date on the envelope makes sense.
  • Even as dumb as this organization is, they can't be as dumb as telling a fan to not let the door hit them on the way out. Right? They can't be that dumb.

The most damming thing about all this is the face that we even believe this is real. Do you think anyone would think Bob Kraft replies to a fan like this? No way. This leopard has shown all of its spots and it's going to be next to impossible to hide them ever again.


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