Now, this looks like fun. 

Andrea from made her weekly visit to the show to let us know what to do over the weekend. After letting us know what product will best de-frizz your hair in humid weather, (it's this by the way) we got down to business.

She let us know about the Sinnissippi Band Shell re-opening with concerts. They'll kick it off this weekend with a concert from singer/pianist Emily Hurd. Hurd is a Rockford native that has played across the country. Take a listen.

Emily's great, and I'm sure that will be a great show but it was what Andrea talked about next that really got me excited.

The Original Trailer Race of Desctruction at the Rockford Speedway.

So many cool words in that sentence.

I realize that the above video is 20 minutes long. I'm not telling you to watch the whole thing but I am going to tell you to at least start it. The voice crack from the announcer is pretty funny. Then the carnage begins. I really can't believe that the fatality rate for this event is under 50%.

I do have a "Rockford" confession to make here. I've only been to the Rockford Speedway once. It was about 19 years ago and I went on a group trip one night when they had quarter beers. Or it might have been 50 cents, or maybe a nickel, I'm not sure because most of that evening was pretty foggy.

I do know that I had a great time and the bus got us all home safe. I just haven't had the incentive to go back. Is the return of the Original Trailer Race of Destruction enough for me to return? Honestly no. I think I'd have a better time at the Sinnissippi Band Shell listening to Emily Hurd. I just don't think I can handle the noise at the speedway. Maybe that makes me old, maybe just lame, but I'm ok with it because:

But that's a decision you need to make. The Trailer Race of Destruction is Saturday night. Listen to our whole conversation with Andrea for more details on the race and everything else you need to know for the weekend.

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