259 days!!

September 29, 2019 was the last time the Cubs actually played a baseball game. 259 days ago. Baseball took less time off to work around WORLD WAR 1 than they have with the coronavirus and labor negotiations.

The Cubs all-time streak of 925 days seems unreachable but it seems as though everyone involved in baseball right now sees it as a goal.

These are the headlines we're reading today. Comissioner Rob Manfred seems either A) totally unprepared and out of his element, B) willing to take the majority of bad press to protect the owners, or most likely C) both.

Those who know seem to think that baseball will still be played sometime this year, most likely a 50-game season that will start at the end of July, but no one is confident. Pair that with ANOTHER labor dispute on the horizon with a new deal needing to be made before the 2021 season and no baseball for 2 years seems like a possibility.

Baseball better be careful. They did this back in 1994 and lost millions of fans. It took steroids and home runs to bring fans back a few years later. People are paying a lot less attention and home runs aren't going to do it this time. America's pastime is on life support and the doctors tending to it don't really seem to care.

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