The Cubs regular season kicks off in a little over 3 weeks. 

To celebrate, the Cubs media team decided it would be a good idea to have some members of the team sing along to "Go, Cubs Go!" The results were, to be nice, mixed.

Let's start with the "highlights" of the video. Two guys stuck out as actually having a shred of rhythm and vocal talent. The first one was Ben Zobrist. Zobrist has a little bit of a rock and roll look with the heavy beard. He also looked like he was having a  fun with it as well. He couldn't really sing but he "talk-sang" his part with conviction.

The other highlight was our young catcher Willson Contreras. Is anyone having as much fun as Big Willy Style? Look at that face.

Chicago Cubs Facebook
Chicago Cubs Facebook

Dude is having a GREAT time. Throw that smile on some decent dance moves and I'm sold.

Now on to the "lesser" performers. This list could go on and on but I need to highlight one in particular. Our left fielder and recent weight loss champion, Kyle Schwarber. Schwarbs is an incredible hitter and seems to be a really great guy. He STINKS at singing. I'm convinced they had him leadoff the song because that was the only time he was even close to being on time. I guess there's a reason that Indiana isn't known for their bustling music scene.

Don't worry Kyle, just bash 40 home runs this year and no one will be talking about you killing small animals with your voice.

March 29 is opening day, and it can't come fast enough. A quick reminder that you can catch every Cubs regular season and (hopefully) playoff game this year on 1440 WROK.


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