Whenever big Cub news breaks, there's only one guy we want to talk to about it. The DOM. 

For those unfamiliar, the DOM is the Cub's unofficial (for now) director of morale. He's an absolute must-follow on Twitter, @DOM_Fredrick, for any fan. Fred spreads nothing but positive messaging about the Cubs and is always a beacon in troubling times.

When we heard that the Cubs had filled Len Kasper's seat with the surprising, and fan-friendly, Jon "Boog" Sciambi, we had to get Fred's take on it.

Fred, unsurprisingly, is a HUGE fan of adding Boog to the booth with Jim Deshaies. I asked Fred if he thinks it's possible that Sciambi could be even better in the booth as the man he replaced, Len Kasper. While it's too early to say definitively, it is a possibility.

It was also the first time we talked with Fred since Yu Darvish was traded to the Padres. Fred laid out some pretty impressive emotional bargaining that only a seasoned Director of Morale could explain. I'll be honest, it made me feel better.

Then we went away from baseball a bit and talked about the Bears' upcoming playoff game against the Saints. In short, Fred is pretty disappointed in a lot of Bear fans. NFL playoff games only come around once in a while and fans need to appreciate it. Are the Bears a good football team? Probably not. Is Mitch the answer for the future? Nope. Should Bear fans want, and expect, to see their team win in the playoffs? Absolutely.

Always a great time with Fred. We thank him for his time and can't wait to talk again.

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