Tonight, from 5-8, Culver's of Winnebago will host those who protect and serve our communities, and they're inviting you and your kids to come and hang out, too.

Winnebago fire department trucks, ambulance and police cars from local area departments will be on display for kids to explore. Winnebago fire department representatives will be available to talk about volunteerism and internship opportunities with the fire department.

It'll be a great way for your kids (and you, too) to learn all about how the police and firefighters work to protect our communities in a comfortable environment instead of having to call 9-1-1.

“We’re excited for kids to experience local fire and police in a non-emergency environment,” says, Culver’s of Winnebago co-owner, Nichole Smith. “We hope the event helps kids to understand how fire and police departments are there to protect their safety and minimize risk for the whole family.”

Again, that's tonight, May 8th, from 5pm-8pm at the Culver's in Winnebago, 807 Cannell-Puri Court.

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