There's no intention of rushing summer but it never hurts to get excited for what's to come. Summer, after all, is great. It may be hot and ridiculously humid at times but if you're in the water it's perfect. Winter sucks and spring is... meh, luckily we have another great season to look forward to here in the upper midwest. How can anyone argue against the fall season?

Once we near the end of August we're on the heels of fall. The first day of autumn 2022 is September 22. Thankfully, we'll be able to jump into the season a little earlier if we'd like. How could we not when autumn means apple cider donuts?

Edwards Apple Orchard East to Operate as a Drive Thru This Fall
Edwards Apple Orchard via Facebook

If you're from the Northern Illinois area or have lived here long enough, Edwards Apple Orchard and Edwards Apple Orchard West should be synonymous with the fall season. If you disagree you have so much to learn.


Did you know you don't have to go through the winter without their delicious apple cider or their amazing apple cider donuts? If you do some digging through this website you'll find the ultimate "get me through the winter" life hack. Don't worry, I've done the work for you. There's a trick you should know ahead of time.

Did you know not only can you freeze Edwards' apple cider, but they also sell specially packaged and ready to freeze? You can read more about that here.

When do Edwards Apple Orchard and Edwards Apple Orchard West open for the 2022 season?

Edwards Apple Orchard West
Edwards Apple Orchard West via Facebook

Edwards Apple Orchard West (Winnebago, IL) confirmed their opening for the season will be Friday, August 26th. And, though it has not been mentioned online, Edward's Apple Orchard (Poplar Grove, IL) will kick off their season on the same, according to their voicemail greeting.

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Even the biggest spring and summer lovers have a deep appreciation for a trip to an apple orchard. We're lucky to have so many this close to us.

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