Maybe in Wisconsin, the yield sign should say "yield optional" as opposed to you know, actual "yield."


Here are a few instances in which a failure to yield a motorist can receive a ticket or worse yet, get into an accident, according to Husain Law Firm:

  • The motorist doesn't stop at an intersection until all vehicles with the right of way have passed.
  • The motorist makes a left turn before making sure the intersection is clear.
  • The motorist fails to allow a pedestrian the right of way to exit an intersection safely.
  • The motorist makes a turn before a cyclist with the right of way exits the intersection.

Doing any of those will probably get you a ticket.


Apparently, in Wisconsin, this happens more often than not.

According to Mediafeed's list of states You're Most Likely to Get a Speeding Ticket, Wisconsin is way at the top.

Police Officer Writing Ticket

It's 4th overall in the US in speeding tickets received and leads the country in failure to yield infractions, "which is the highest rate in the country, exceeding the national average by a whopping 163%."

Mediafeed also says over 13% of Wisconsin drivers have a speeding ticket on their record and almost 92 per 10,000 motorists also have a "failure to yield violation."

Drunk Driver being pulled over by police cops with copy-space.

That's kind of a stunner. Is it more police in Wisconsin pulling over drivers who are doing this or is it Wisconsin drivers who don't know the rules of the road?

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