Pink Party, Bra Auction Raise Money For Pink Heals
Rockford area firefighters and police officers danced, shimmied, strutted and raised money for a local charity during last night's Pink Party and Bra Auction at District.
The annual event, organized by Townsquare Media, is a fundraiser for Pink Heals of Winnebago County...
Fireman Delivers Instant Justice to Armed Robber
Not a whole lot to explain here. An off-duty firefighter, standing at a convenience store counter, is shoved to the side by an armed robber looking to make off with some cash. Like anyone, the firefighter is a bit perturbed by this sort of rude, antisocial behavior, so he proceeds to body-slam the r…
Hero Firefighter Carries Dog to Safety
Another day, another reason to love and admire firefighters. This time, however, there weren't any flames to deal with, just extreme heat, a cliff, and a terrified Vizsla named Rue.
Rue escaped his Salt Lake City backyard after being frightened by fireworks, and found himself injured, dehydrated…

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