The baseball offseason just keeps getting better and better for the White Sox. 

It was up in the air whether or not Steve Stone would be back next season to do color commentary for the White Sox in the 2020 season. His contract had expired with the White Sox and was technically a free agent heading into the winter.

No details have emerged yet but according to Stone's tweet earlier today he will be back with the team for "multiple years."

This is great news for Sox fans and just fans of baseball in general. Stone has put in his time on both sides of Chicago and is a baseball genius. He deserves this after working with Hawk Harrelson for so many years. The new broadcast with Jason Benetti is one of the best in all of baseball and should entertain anyone that is interested in baseball.

I'm not quite sure if Chicago baseball fans know how good we have it here in town with our baseball announcers. Between Len and JD for the Cubs and Stone and Benetti for the Sox, Chicago has two of the best TV broadcasts in all of baseball. And now it looks like the talent on the field will compare to the talent in the booth on both sides of town.

It's going to be a fun couple of years baseball-wise in Chicago, you're going to want to start paying attention.

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