A man needs to admit when he has a problem. I am (kind of) a man and here is my problem.

I've been obsessed with this album comprised of all Rockford songs since I stumbled upon them about a year ago. This will be the third post I've done on the album and I don't think it will be my last.

Riley and I actually played all 10 songs on the album one week during our Theme Music segment we do everyday at 530AM. We asked for help from anyone that knew anything about it. We got a few calls about it but no one really remembered it let alone knew anything about it. I had some musician friends ask around town and they came up empty.

Then I had a break through this week. Riley and I had to take a few days off  so instead of our usual live show, I played some of our Theme Music weeks that we've done in the past. It's evergreen material and people seem to like it. That morning is when I got this email from a listener.

Joe Dredge

Tim is the listener's name and wasn't aware that he was listening to a recorded program.

Tim quickly figured it out.

Joe Dredge

Details? Contestants? Controversy?!?!?!? Tim has a lot to share and I had to have him on.

Joe Dredge

Tim was happy to accept my offer and will be on this Friday, September 24th at 7:35AM

Joe Dredge

Tim then typed out a LENTHY email with some of the details and surprises he was going to unveil. Tim is loaded for bear and ready to talk. I might not sleep tonight.

Is this Rockford mystery solved? We'll find out tomorrow. If you miss the interview, come back here tomorrow afternoon where I'll post our conversation.

Talk to you all then.

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Photos From Cheap Trick Long Play Music Fest 7/4/21 Rivets Stadium Loves Park

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