The new Hard Rock Rockford may still be in the beginning stages of construction, but the party is already rolling at The Rockford Casino - A Hard Rock Opening Act, and it's about to kick into high gear!

Two New Weekly Events Are Coming to The Rockford Casino

People are loving the gaming, food, and drinks currently available inside the Rockford Casino, but the one thing that has been missing is live music. Well, that missing piece is finally being added beginning this Sunday, February 27, 2022!

According to Hard Rock Rockford's press release, this Sunday will be the kickoff of the new Sunday Jazz Bruch at the Rock River Bar & Grill located inside the Rockford Casino. The press release said;

Sunday’s Jazz Brunch will be held weekly from 10 am to 2 pm and will feature live music and a new brunch menu including chicken and waffles, eggs benedict “prosciutto,” breakfast pizza, staples like steak and eggs and avocado toast, and many more culinary delights.

The upcoming live music lineup for Sunday Jazz Brunch is:·

  •   Feb. 27 – Tony Vecchio Quartet
  •   March 6 – Stateline Jazz Quartet
  •   March 13 – Groove Hotel Quartet
  •   March 20 - Evon Sams Quartet

Another weekly event has already begun at Rockford Casino, perfect for all you wine lovers! Check this out...

Rock River Bar & Grill's WINESday will also feature live music each week. Here's the lineup for the month of March:

  • March 2 – Mario Dueñas Electric Duet
  • March 9 – Tristan Sheedlo
  • March 16 – Evon Sams Quartet

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