You might to be into hiking, but what about hiking with cute animals?

Goats are some of the most hilarious and sweet animals. You might not know this about goats. It's one of the many reasons they created goat yoga, life is just better when you have goats around.

Are you into hiking? Personally, I'm not the best hiker, but I'm always down for an adventure, especially if that adventure involves animals. That's exactly what happens when you go hiking with "Hoof It" in Galena, Illinois.

Also, look how stinkin' CUTE they are!

So how does hiking with goats sound? Super fun right? It's an hour long hike in Galena, Illinois that is only 1.25 miles long. It's perfect for the whole family because it's not too long for the the little kids. You take a guided hike through forest and prairie land on the farm's private property while the goats follow along. Treats are provided to hand-feed to the goats along the way.




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I know what you're thinking, what about the wine? Where's the live music? That's some of the other fun offered at "Hoof It' in Galena. OIS details -

A variety of other Goat Treks are offered: Hoof It + Sip It Wine Trek with a wine tasting for those 21 and older; Hoof'n + Groov'n with a bonfire, s'mores, and live music; and special themed treks throughout the year.

You've goat plans!

Find out more about what "Hoof It" offers here.


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