If you were thinking "Man, I would really like to listen to some VERY 70's songs that are all about how great Rockford is" I've got you covered. 

I found this in the comments section of a Reddit post that asked people from Illinois what they thought of Rockford. Spoiler alert: They didn't think much of it or just dismissed it out of hand because it's just "another suburb of Chicago." Buried in the comments was this link to an old blog post about a record that the Chamber of Commerce had put out in the late 70s or early 80s. I haven't been able to pinpoint a date but it was early enough that they misspelled Rick Nielsen's name on the back of the album. Take a look it's right there in the lower left.

How are the tunes?

Folks. It's amazing. I'm happy I found it today but upset that I had to wait till now to find out about it.

It's so "unique" that it actually made it onto Letterman. He used to highlight one of a kind records in a recurring segment. Here he is talking about the title track.

Is this the best track on the album? No. That would go to Make It In Rockford....Weigh The Difference. Or this one:

I'm not smart enough to figure out how to embed the rest of the songs but do yourself a favor and carve out 20 minutes of your day to listen to the rest of the tracks. You won't be disappointed.

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