This... This is what life is about. Let this Oregon High School student be an example of finding time to bring joy to others during life's less enjoyable moments. There is a teenage Oregon who had an idea, come up with a plan, implemented that plan, and sought for it to be accomplished, all for elderly residents at a nursing home in Mt. Morris.

This is an incredible story that should inspire you to do good. But, instead of me sharing it, read the note we received from a volleyball coach at Oregon High School.

Hello, my name is Faith McNamee and I first met Alexis in the gym as her volleyball coach 4 years ago, but most recently have enjoyed watching her grow as a person in our community. Alexis is a current senior at Oregon High School. In her “free time” she works at Pinecrest Nursing Home in Mt. Morris. This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, Alexis saw a need to cheer up our most vulnerable population, the elderly.


In order to spread a little joy this season,

Alexis came up with the idea for the community to sponsor residents. She spearheaded the idea and has seen it all the way through. Collecting residents wish lists, getting sponsors, picking up gifts, and following up on all communication (all while working and keeping up with the increased school demands and getting ready to graduate this month).  Because of her, the nursing home residents will receive gifts and cards from people all over the community.

"Alexis is a true hometown hero!"

As a teacher and life-long Mt. Morris/Oregon resident, it fills my heart with pride seeing our youth, our future leaders, have so much compassion for others. Alexis is a true hometown hero!

There is nothing more that can be added to this article other than a sincere "thank you." Thank you, Alexis, for being a beam of light in a time when it's certainly needed.

As a Q98.5 Hometown Hero, Alexis will receive a $100 Amazon gift card thanks to Gustafson's Furniture & Mattress. Although we're certain she won't spend it on herself, whatever she uses it for will bring joy to someone, and that's what life is all about.

You can nominate your Hometown Hero HERE.

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