I would like to think that when I retire, I will use my newfound free time to help others, but I fear I will use most of it to simply relax, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Retirement is meant for spending your days doing things that bring you joy, and if those things happen to be helping others, then it's even better.

This week's Hometown Hero, Scott Garwick of Rockford, is putting his retirement to good use serving the Rockford community. For that reason alone, and so many more, he deserves a huge round of thank yous.

Provided Photos
Provided Photos

Here is the nomination letter we received from Scott's grateful friend, Ty Hillman of Rockford;

Scott is a retired IBEW electrician and contractor.  The dedication to the community he had as small businessman is still apparent in all the volunteer activities he has pursued in retirement.  A Vietnam veteran, his love for his country and the rights granted to all by our Constitution has led him to be an active, thoughtful, and listening supporter of social justice organizations.  He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk.  He is an avid cyclist, and exemplary husband, father, and grandfather.  It is a privilege to know him.

Besides receiving our Hometown Hero award and a $100 Amazon gift card courtesy of Gustafson's Furniture & Mattress, WIFR also recognized Scott last August for all the volunteer hours he put into installing solar-powered motion detector lights during Rockford's 'Take Back the Night' campaign. (Watch the video here)

To say the Rockford community is blessed to have Scott Garlick a part of it is a huge understatement. Scott, thank you for everything you do to help people in need and keep them safe, I hope more people follow in your footsteps in the years to come!

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