This is one of those sports moments when you remember exactly where you were. 

Personally, I was managing a Buffalo WIld Wings in Skokie. We were packed because if you remember, the Crosstown Classic was a pretty big thing back then. It was still new, the Sox were coming off the World Series win so their fans were more confident than ever. It was a pretty cool environment.

The place went nuts when it happened. The only time I was in a louder bar was when Devin Hester ran back the kick for a TD against the Cardinals. This game:

RIP Dennis Green.

AJ was the perfect guy to be involved as well. Truly an unlikeable player if he wasn't on your team. A villain that embraced the role. To be honest with you, I don't even remember who won that game. Doesn't matter, Michael Barrett will always be the big winner in that game.

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