The story has reported gotten the former Cub 1st baseman suspended from the network for 5 games. 

It's been an interesting season for the Marquee Network. They were roundly criticized for not having a deal in place with Comcast until 24 hours before the first pitch of the abbreviated 2020 season. Then once things got rolling most of the criticism died out. Other than fans being concerned with what Len and JD were wearing:

There's about 1000 more of these tweets but I'll stop there.

The other complaint was that the Marquee Network seemed determined to shoehorn a third voice into the booth along with Len and JD. It was a move, that when announced, seemed unnecessary at best and a trainwreck at worst.

It's been alright with guys like Ryan Dempster and Doug Glanville but the Mark Grace games have been a pretty tough listen. The geographical problem wasn't helping things. Len and JD are broadcasting from Wrigley Field, Grace is doing the game from his basement. But it was Grace's inability to blend into the broadcast that was driving most of the complaints.

Then Grace decided to spin this yarn the other day about his "dingbat" wife. First of all, I don't think "dingbat" is a wildly offensive term, but you probably shouldn't be calling your ex-wife one during a national broadcast. Second of all, It apparently didn't even happen like that. Here's video of Bud Selig describing the incident in a much different way.

So on top of insulting his ex-wife out of nowhere, Grace decided to tell a fabricated story during a Cubs broadcast. Marquee has reportedly since suspended Grace for future Marquee games.

Will this be the end of Grace's appearances on Marquee? It probably should, we'll wait to see if Marquee is listening to it's fans on this one.

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