The Bears are of course gambling on the fact that you will want to watch the game again. 

The Cubs season is over and everyone knew they would be looking for some programming for the offseason.

In steps the Chicago Bears.

Some details on the weekly Bears show: - The weekly show, "Bear Essentials," will typically air Tuesday evenings and be hosted by Marquee Sports Network host Cole Wright. Wright, who joined Marquee from the NFL Network, will be joined by Bears personnel and analysts as they break down the week in Bears action and look ahead to the following Bears matchup. Immediately following the show, Marquee Sports Network will air a two-hour director's cut of the Bears' most recent regular-season game.

It's also awesome that the re-air will be a pared-down director's cut. No need to sit through close to 4 hours if you want to watch it again. It sounds like perfect background programming while you get other things done.

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