This has nothing to do with the players. 

So, my grandma died last Thursday.

Don't run! This isn't a sad blog.

She lived a wonderful 91-year life. Did basically everything she ever wanted to do and was literally the nicest person I knew. We obviously miss her, but she lived and died pretty much exactly how she wanted to every day of her life. To paraphrase Riley O'Neil, she 100% won at the game of life.

She was also an enormous Cubs fan. She loved all sports, literally all of them (except anything having to do with a race), but the Cubs were easily her favorite. If she was near a TV and the Cubs were playing it was going to be watched. She watched a TON of horrible baseball over her 91 years but stuck with it. The 2016 World Series was literally a top 5 happiest life moment for her and she had 3 kids and 1 husband.

The Cubs were her last real connection to the world. On Wednesday night, just about 6 hours before she passed, she was fading fast, she was confused and didn't really know what was going on. I told her the Cubs were destroying the Mets and Javy had hit a grand slam. She smiled with recognition and even asked us about it again a few hours later. She fell asleep and then eventually peacefully passed early Thursday morning.

Now, here's my problem with the Cubs. I had to TELL her all this because her hospital,  Javon Bea, which was OUTSTANDING in every way, I literally cannot speak highly enough regarding their staff and facility, did not carry the Marquee Network.

I am not mad at the Cubs for this. I'm sure when the Cubs brass was planning the Marquee Network and doing a little yacht shopping (again, not mad, I would totally be yacht shopping if I was about to cash in on the Cubs winning the World Series) they did not think about depriving dying grandmothers in hospitals the chance to see Javy turn on one before they go. I know I wouldn't.  Again, not mad.

This seems to be an easy fix. You already have a player in Anthony Rizzo that has become interwoven into the Chicago area medical community. He seems like the kind of liaison that could get it done.  You just announce that the Cubs want to make sure that the Marquee Network is available in all hospitals, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities. Then make it happen. I have no idea how the cable system in a hospital works, but it feels like there is enough money floating around all the parties involved that it should be doable.

I would also like them to figure out how to hit consistently but that sounds infinitely harder.

Also, RIP grams. Love ya. Miss ya.

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