Cubs Snapchat
Cubs Snapchat

Kyle Schwarber's name has been attached to a few trades lately. Wherever he ends up next year, he looks like he'll be a different player. 

The Cubs shared this Snapchat story of Schwarber working out this offseason and he looks like a totally different guy. Looks like the days of him being a part-time catcher are out and he's dedicating himself to be leaner and quicker.

This will help him out at the plate as well. Schwarber had a pretty dismal year hitting in 2017. The bar was set unattainably high for him after his historic run in the 2016 World Series so a disappointing year was basically guaranteed.

I personally hope that Kyle is still a Cub next year. There are only a handful of players that are as dangerous as he is at hitting a baseball when he's locked in. The guy obviously has a work ethic and has improved himself every offseason since becoming a big leaguer.

The only question I have now is how many homers "Skinny" Schwarbs is going to hit. 30 is a given. 50? Possibly. 60? Honestly not out of the question.

Also a reminder. If you want to be one of the first to see this guy in action this spring you should join us on our Spring Training trip. All the details are right here. We had an awesome time last year and expect even more this time. Who knows, you might even see a brand new Japanese pitcher/slugging outfielder. Just another reminder that it's great to be a Cub fan.