"Tinker's Shadow: The Hidden History of Tinker Swiss Cottage" takes a look at the spooky side of a Rockford treasure.

You've probably heard about Tinker Swiss Cottage's purported haunted history--which is happily acknowledged by the museum itself. Not just acknowledged, but celebrated. Three of Tinker's next four "paranormal events" have already sold out!

Director, and one-time Rockford mayoral candidate Michael Kleen had heard the stories too, so he decided to put together a documentary about some of the legends and tales of Tinker Swiss Cottage's past.

According to the Tinker Swiss Cottage website, the video will become available on Amazon Instant Video on March 26th, with DVD copies arriving in the museum's gift shop later this year.

Here's the trailer for "Tinker's Shadow: The Hidden History of Tinker Swiss Cottage:"

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