So here it is, Halloween 2017. Maybe trick-or-treaters, jack-o-lanterns, and the usual crop of store-bought "scary stuff" just isn't doing it for you anymore. You're looking for something a bit more realistic, something or someplace with an actual element of the supernatural. Look no further than Rockford's own Tinker Swiss Cottage.

Why Tinker Swiss Cottage? Let's go with the numerous folks who swear that something ghostly is lurking around in the famed Rockford landmark and tourist spot.

HauntedRockford's Kathi Kresol's new book "Haunted Rockford, Illinois" is available now, and HauntedRockford is also sponsoring a "Paranormal Evening with Author and Astrologer, Alice Stacionis" at Tinker Swiss Cottage on November 17th.

If you're into local spookiness done right, grab Kathi's book, then arrange to be there for the paranormal evening, or contact Tinker Swiss Cottage directly to book your own tour.

As you'll see below, HauntedRockford is not the only group who suspect something otherworldly is going on at 411 Kent Street:

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