At this writing, Halloween is exactly one week away. In case you haven't lined up your horror-movie viewing list yet (assuming you screen scary movies to celebrate the season), how about a few that were filmed right here in Illinois?

The website OnlyInYourState recently featured a piece entitled "Here Are The 9 Creepiest Horror Movies Filmed In Illinois," and I must admit that even as a movie fan, I had no idea some of these had been shot here.

Filmed in 1990 in Chicago, this is the second film in the Chucky franchise. The movie is about a doll possessed with the soul of a serial killer who murders everyone in sight. It gained a cult following and is one of many films about the red-haired doll.

If you don't want to watch the movie, watch a few of Jon Gruden's tailgating commercials. Rumor has it that Gruden is simply the grown-up version of Chucky.

This remake of the 1979 classic was done in 2005 and was filmed around St. Peter’s Catholic Church and the Sequoit Creek Lodge in Antioch as well as areas around Chicago, Buffalo Grove, and Fox Lake. The movie is based off the true tale of a man who shot all six members of his family on the south shore of Long Island, New York in the town of Amityville. The house the family was murdered in is reported as haunted by those who tried to live in it afterwards.

This sequel was mostly filmed in downtown Chicago and was released in 1978. It is about a demon disguised as a child who causes awful things to happen to those who do not please him. The film is so popular, remakes were made in the 2000s.

This remake of the original 1984 film came out in 2010 and was shot at many locations around the state, including Bluff City Cemetery in Elgin and John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights. It is about a man who was killed in a house fire who returns to terrorize his old neighborhood.

If some of these are old-hat to the seasoned scary movie fan, here are some other options you may want to consider if being freaked out on your couch is the ultimate goal for Halloween 2017:

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