I just got a note from my good friend, Vietnam Veteran Nick Parnello, aka “Blackjack 6.” He asks that I let you know about a special event coming up at the LZ Peace Memorial on the grounds of Midway Village and Museum Center, Sunday, December 11th, at 4:30pm.

An Evergreen Tree Lighting Ceremony to honor our military away from home at Christmas will take place at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, December 11, at the LZ Peace Memorial on the grounds of Midway Village Museum adjacent to the bike path entrance off of Guilford Road, west of Perryville Road. As part of the ceremony, St. Bernadette’s Parish students will decorate festive ribbons on military dog tags inscribed with the names of active military as a way to recognize those overseas during the holiday season. The State Chaplin of Illinois, Steve Copper "Angel 6” will provide the invocation and benediction.

Other festivities include a flag raising ceremony, and the performing of the National Anthem. Santa Claus will be there, spreading Christmas greetings, carolers will be singing, as well as hot chocolate and cookies being served.

The Huey helicopter, which is mounted on a landing pad above the wall to symbolize the veterans coming home will be illuminated with festive lights for the special occasion.

“We, the veterans and families, get together to honor those serving our country during the Christmas holiday. They carry the burden, they pay the price,” said Vietnam Veteran and Operation Evergreen Tree organizer Nick Parnello


For more information, call 815-968-1040.