Circle of Change Veterans Dog Program describes itself as "Veterans Helping Dogs Helping Veterans." It's a very accurate description.

I first met Circle of Change's director, Steve Haight, about a month ago. Steve had invited me to a Circle of Change training class so I could see for myself what the program was all about, and what it did for the participating veterans.

I could go on and on about how fantastic I found the program to be and what they do, but instead of that, here's how Circle of Change describes what they're all about:

"Circle of Change seeks to provide veterans suffering from the effects of trauma and other emotional issues improvement in their quality of life, self-esteem, and social skills through observation, dog training and handling experiences that develop confidence, respect and trust."

Steve Haight stopped by the WROK Morning Show on Friday to give us an update on the Circle of Change program, and to fill us in on their big fund-raiser coming up on December 7th at Home Depot on Argus Drive here in Rockford:

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