If you didn't know, August 26 is "National Dog Day".

Time to spoil your pup with their favorite treat and give them some extra pets & walkies. I know personally, I'll be giving Nelly some peanut butter on a spoon and treating her to some good belly scratches.

So what are some good ways to celebrate "National Dog Day"? Well, if you have a dog like I said you should totally spoil them. But what if you're a dog lover with no dog? There are plenty of ways to celebrate today.

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Rockford is an incredible shelter that makes sure every dog that comes in its doors has an amazing life when they leave. We've had many Noah's Ark dogs come into the studio for "Fursdays". That was when we'd have a dog who was available for adoption come into the studio to hopefully find its new home.

The Steve Shannon Show loves Noah's Ark dogs so much, Steve Shannon even ended up adopting their family dog from there.

So, a great way to celebrate today if you can't adopt a dog from Noah's Ark is to donate some supplies.

So if you have any of these things around your house or if you're headed to the store you should definitely consider donating.

Who knows, maybe when you stop by you'll find your future family member.

Check out more about Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary and see what animals are available for adoption here.

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