Give the Gift of Life
Here in Illinois, it's called Donate Life Illinois. Just click the link to register yourself as an organ and tissue donor, and you'll join the thousands of Illinois citizens who have made an immense impact on so many lives. I've lost a couple of friends over the years who earlier made…
Hero Firefighter Carries Dog to Safety
Another day, another reason to love and admire firefighters. This time, however, there weren't any flames to deal with, just extreme heat, a cliff, and a terrified Vizsla named Rue.
Rue escaped his Salt Lake City backyard after being frightened by fireworks, and found himself injured, dehydrated…
Watch Derby the Dog Run for the First Time
If you're a regular listener to The Riley & Scot Show (and why wouldn't you be), you know we love dog stories. Hero dogs, service dogs, dogs who cover a lot of distance to get home, etc.
We definitely love the story of Derby the Dog.

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