You may have heard that once in a great while a fisherman will "exaggerate" the size of a catch. Well, sometimes they don't exaggerate.

Take for example, Danville, Kentucky's own Hunter Anderson. He's a dude who works part-time at a bait-and-tackle shop, and is avid fisherman himself. You know, the kind of guy who keeps his gear in the car at all times in case he spies a good fishing spot while out and about.

Anderson said he and his girlfriend were driving back from Frankfort over the weekend when they decided to stop at a private pond in Boyle County where they knew there used to be some goldfish or koi fish. They had a pole in the car that they decided to bait and drop in the water. "Believe it or not, we ate at Lee's earlier in the day, and I took a piece of a Lee's biscuit and put it on a hook, threw it out there and that fish ate it," Anderson said.

"That fish" turned out to be a nearly 20-pound goldfish. (photo courtesy of Cassie Anderson, Facebook)

Anderson's sister posted on Facebook a picture of him holding the fish, with a caption jokingly wondering if the fish in question could be a pet goldfish they flushed down the toilet as kids. The photo has hooked a lot of folks' attention on Facebook - getting more than 1,000 likes and nearly 2,000 shares as of Monday evening.

"I guess people have just never seen anything like it," Anderson said. "I know I haven't."

Still, Anderson made sure to put his trophy fish back in the pond.

"What am I going to do with it, really?" Anderson said. "I thought it deserved to swim another day.


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