Suburban House Pays Tribute to Prince with Holiday Lights
For music lovers, one of the toughest blows delivered by 2016 was the death of Prince in April. For the big-time Prince fans out there, it probably seems like it was yesterday. I'm sure that's the case with the homeowners in Park Ridge, Illinois, who are drawing a lot of visitors with thei…
“WindGames 2016″ Winner is Amazing
Up until a few minutes ago, I had never heard of a competition called "WindGames." For the uninitiated, "WindGames 2016," which just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago in Spain, features athletes stepping into a vertical wind-tunnel to show their moves in front of a…
3 Month Old Baby Loves Dad, and Says So
Meet 3 month old Ben. He really, really loves his dad, or he's quite the gifted mimic. I'm guessing it's both. Luckily, mom had the camera going, or we might have missed his declaration.
I figure if he's saying "I love you" at 3 months, he'll be spouting Sha…
Wheel of Fortune Contestant Amazing Solve
From time to time, we'll feature people who make a splash on a TV game show. Usually, it's because they blew it with a remarkably bad guess, but get a guy like Rufus.
Here's Rufus, impressing Pat and Vanna, while showing the rest of us how it's done:
And, as long as…
The Most Amazing Archery You’ll Ever See
We've all seen or read things that begin with "Everything you know about _______ is wrong!" Well, it would appear in the case of archery, we've been very wrong about a few things.
Meet Lars Andersen.
From Outdoor Hub:
Hundreds of years ago, even thousands of years ago, arche…