I've never seen Javy Baez brush his teeth but I bet he does it with some flash. 

Javy has had a good month. Here's a montage of all his good plays just this month.

That would be a decent career highlight reel for some players.

I never thought a player could look cool while sliding but Javy pulled it off. Take another look at the above GIF. I know I've looked at it for at least an hour since he did it Sunday afternoon.

First of all, the physics behind the whole thing amazes me. If I try something like that, I at best tear only one ACL. There will probably be some broken bones involved and I'd probably end up crying.

Javy though? He makes it look so effortless. Like he's been doing it since he could walk (he maybe has.) Then there was the pop up and confirmation with the umpire. So cool.

Knowing Javy's personality he was probably thinking about how cool this is going to look while he was doing it. That's the difference between Javy and me. He can do amazing things with his body. At best I'm just amazed at what comes out of my body once in awhile.

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