These days, it seems like nearly everyone is trying to set a world record...for something. Some do it for the notoriety, others do it to promote tourism, and some guys, like Chuck Uhing, of Milledgeville, are doing it because they want a legacy.

What's Chuck doing? He's built a 123 foot, one inch long teeter-totter in his backyard that he hopes will set a Guinness World Record. And, he's not doing it for the usual reasons. He's doing it so someday his kids and grandkids can look back with pride on the year 2016, because, they'll say, grandpa set a world record that year.

From ABC News:

Chuck Uhing, 77, began building the teeter-totter in 2014 using mostly cables and steel pipes, according to his neighbor of 31 years, Norm Deets. “It took probably a year or just over a year for us to figure out what he was doing,” Deets told ABC News. “He said he was working on a project and we didn’t know exactly what it was, but as he started to assemble it, it became a little more obvious.”

Deets was on hand last week when an engineer came to measure the teeter-totter. Two local officials, the city clerk and police chief of a nearby town, served as witnesses. The next step is for Uhing to submit the official paperwork to Guinness, which Deets expects his neighbor to do this week.

Nearly 60 people have tested the teeter-totter already, which sends people up to 50 feet in the air at its peak.


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