Uncover the remarkable story of Casey, IL, a small town with a big reputation, boasting an impressive 12 Guinness World Records for creating oversized objects like a giant mailbox and truck key.

Smallest Towns in Illinois

Dynamite does come in small packages. One tiny town in East Central Illinois, tucked between St. Louis, Missouri, and Indianapolis, Indiana with a population of just over 2,500 has quite a global reputation for making BIG noise

A reputation nobody would ever imagine could be true.

What Illinois Town Holds 12 Guinness World Records

Google Maps
Google Maps

Casey, Illinois, while small in size, is as I've read,

"...home to many big things. In fact, a dozen of the large objects found around town are in the Guinness Book of World Records!"

It's true, the town of Casey is home to 12 different world records, for one very similar thing.

Guinness World Records Held by Casey, Illinois

  1. World's Largest Wind Chime
  2. World's Largest Golf Tee
  3. World's Largest Pitchfork
  4. World's Largest Rocking Chair
  5. World's Largest Wooden Shoes
  6. World's Largest Mailbox
  7. World's Largest Gavel
  8. World's Largest Truck Key
  9. World's Largest Barbershop Pole
  10. World's Largest Teeter Totter
  11. World's Largest Golf Driver
  12. World's Largest Swizzle Spoon

To make this story even more unique, pretty much all of these 'big things in a small town' were built by one man, Jim Bolin, and his crew. Jim was born and raised in Casey.

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Big Things in a Small Town via Facebook
Big Things in a Small Town via Facebook
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Would you believe that most of the materials used are recycled?

They are.

Guess what almost all of the wood they used is from?

Old telephone poles.

Even the metal used was from old and damaged pipe and oil tanks that could no longer be used.

Tiny Illinois Town is in Guinness Book of World Records 12 Times

One very small Illinois town has built themselves into a giant across the globe and I'll bet you didn't even know. Neither did I. A whole lotta wow going on.

Gallery Credit: Steve Shannon

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