Let's say you started your day in The City of Lights, then spent some time in The Evergreen City before you made your way to The City of Destiny and then wrapped up your travels across Illinois with a stop in The City With A Heart.

Based upon those nicknames for Illinois towns and cities, where would you have been that day?

You would've started in Aurora before heading to Bloomington, then you'd have been off to Des Plaines before calling it a day in Loves Park.

Talk about a glamorous road trip.

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The State Of Illinois, Also Known As The Prairie State, The Land Of Lincoln, The Corn State, The Sucker State, The Inland Empire, And The Pumpkin State Is Chock Full Of City And Town Nicknames, Too

I was thinking that "The Pothole State" might be another suggestion for a good Illinois nickname, but it appears that other states might want in on being called that, so we'll table that idea for now.

In the meanwhile, let's test your Illinois city and town nickname knowledge. I'm going to list a bunch of Illinois city and town nicknames for you to try to figure out, then I'll drop in the answers below so you can check your work:

  • The Gem of the Fox River
  • The Windmill City
  • Home of Popeye
  • City of Champions/City of Steel/City of Stone/Prison City
  • Hog Capital of the World
  • The Lilac Village
  • The Gymnastics Capital of Illinois
  • Horseradish Capital of the World
  • The Ham
  • Bagel Capital of the World
  • Gem City
  • The Melon Capital of the World
  • The Forest City/Screw City/Fastener Capital of the World/Reaper City/Furniture City/Illinois' 2nd City
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Now, On To The Answers...

  • Algonquin
  • Batavia
  • Chester
  • Joliet
  • Kewanee
  • Lombard
  • Buffalo Grove
  • Collinsville
  • Effingham
  • Mattoon
  • Quincy
  • Thomson
  • Rockford

You can see more Illinois city and town nicknames by clicking here.

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