Reddit can be quite the place to go in order to hear people's opinions on things. In a recent thread I found, many Illinoisans were offering up their hilarious and sad opinions on Rockford.

I don't go to Reddit often, but when I do I feel like I hit a gold mine. My personal favorites are going down rabbit holes about conspiracy theories and celebrity scandals/drama. Hours of my day can be wasted reading people's thoughts and opinions, and it often gets to a point where I have to step back.

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This thread I found really captured my attention though. Maybe it's because I'm new here, but reading the rest of Illinois' thoughts on Rockford made me laugh. Even I can tell how much has changed or stayed the same. It's crazy just how strong and passionate people's opinions are about The 815.

Illinoisans Offer Their Opinions on Rockford on Reddit

I have mixed emotions about the words I saw. Some left me happy that people were optimistic and defending our town, others made me laugh out loud. Then, as expected, you have the total Negative Nancies. Some criticism is valid, other just made me sad.

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However, when I say some people are genuinely hilarious, I totally mean it. I don't entirely know if this person meant to come off funny. Or maybe my humor sucks, but this main one was my favorite! Either way, I can't entirely agree with their statement.

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But that's not the only one. People had A LOT to say about our beloved town, so let's get into it haha! Buckle up, because they didn't hold back!

Illinoisans Give Hilarious Opinions on Rockford in Reddit Thread

Illinoisans gave their hilarious opinions on Rockford in a thread on Reddit. Buckle up, because they didn't hold back! 

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