Would This Kind of Event Work Here in Rockford?
Here in Rockford, we've shown ourselves to be very open-minded when it comes to trying out sports and/or games that are popular in other countries, but do we have enough hearty, adventurous souls around here to take on the very British Cheese Rolling Race? I think we do, although at this point in my life, I'm not one.
Illinois Man Teeters on Verge of World Record
These days, it seems like nearly everyone is trying to set a world record...for something. Some do it for the notoriety, others do it to promote tourism, and some guys, like Chuck Uhing, of Milledgeville, are doing it because they want a legacy.
Illinois Has Some Very Strange Laws on the Books
Ever since I was a kid and saw the Academy Award winning documentary "Scared Straight," I've had a pretty simple goal: Don't go to jail. Period. Full stop. However, it's difficult to avoid trouble with law enforcement if you aren't aware of the goofy little things that can be illegal in one municipality but not another. Illinois has several of those goofy little laws.
Forget Mars, You Can Live in South Dakota
In one of the more unusual branding ideas I think I've ever seen, the great state of South Dakota has a new pitch that's aimed at attracting millennials. It's breaks down to this: Moving to South Dakota is easier than moving to Mars. Well, they've got "truth in advertising" going for them...
Ice Fishing Season, Duck Season…It’s Both!
Up until seeing this, the most shocking thing about ice fishing would be finding me doing it. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against ice fishing. Other than the idea of actually taking part. I'm more of a sit on a boat/dock/chair while drinking beer kind of fisherman, and to be very honest, other than the beer drinking part, I'm not that great at it...