The short explanation is that you buy one and bring it home. Then, place it somewhere in a spot of honor in your home here in Rockford. Then, sit in it as often as you please. If you've got the spare cash it'll take to get yourself one, that is.

Starting Friday, the Cubs will sell limited quantities of seat sets that were removed and replaced as part of the ongoing restoration project at the ballpark. Beginning Friday, fans will be able to purchase 2015 and 2016 seats, which will be available as two-seat sets and have been authenticated with Major League Baseball's seal of authenticity. Each purchased seat set will include a certificate of authenticity and a hologram on the seat back signifying its authentication.

I mentioned something earlier about having some cash, remember? How much does one need to grab one of these seats?

Seat sets removed in the 2015 offseason cost $799, and a smaller quantity of seat sets removed in the 2016 offseason cost $899. Shipping will cost $132.99 per seat set in the continental United States. Pickup is unavailable.

If you'd like to grab a Wrigley Field seat (or two) for yourself or someone you love, click here for more details and information.

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