It's a Good Time to be a Cubs Fan
As I sit in front of my keyboard, The Chicago Cubs are sitting pretty in the National League Central Division with a 71-41 record, and a 12-game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals. When you've been a Cubs fan for over 50 years like I have, it hasn't been this much fun in ages.
Catching a Foul Ball, Right Way vs. Wrong Way
Pretty much everybody in the crowd at a Major League baseball game would love to catch a souvenir baseball, whether it's a foul ball or a home run. But, like many things in life, there's a right way, and a wrong way to go about it.
Example #1 is from Tuesday night's Indians-Royals game…
Man Invents Real Dual Laser Iron Man Glove
What happens when you're an avid superhero fan and a world class inventor?
Well, probably nothing that really and truly benefits humanity, but nonetheless, something really cool.
Inventor Patrick Priebe loves Iron Man and Spider-Man (more on his Spidey invention in a moment) so much, that he put his r…

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