In my house, being the husband and father also got me another title: chief bug killer. If it crawls, flies, creeps, lurks, slithers, and/or stings, I'm your go-to executioner and disposal expert. Granted, we don't have much of an insect problem here in the Rockford area, so I'd rather be here than in Havana, Illinois.

Havana is a small town of around 3500 people about 3 and a half hours south of Rockford, along the Illinois River. According to Wikipedia:

Havana was notorious as a gambling river town, and it is reported that names such as Al Capone would hunt, fish, and gamble in the local clubs.

I think the residents of Havana would probably rather see the return of Al Capone rather than what they got to experience in late June of this year. An invasion of mayflies.

And, it's not just Havana, Illinois getting the onslaught of mayflies. It happens in Wisconsin, too. Have a look at Lacrosse, Wisconsin:

Heading toward the seasons of colder weather doesn't seem so bad right now.

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