There is no better time to try something you've maybe thought of doing before. 

The Fox Valley Blues Umpires Association is giving an excellent opportunity for anyone that would like to begin an umpiring career.

This would be an awesome summer job for any baseball or softball lovers that are at least 17-years-old. The number of officials has been shrinking over the last decade and they are in urgent need of some new blood among their ranks.

Here's what the Fox Valley Blues is offering new umpires.

  • Virtual and live training
  • Discounted uniforms and equipment
  • Mentorship
  • Will work with you every step of the way

They will make sure you are prepared to pass your IHSA certification test and will teach you everything you need to know about calling balls and strikes as well as how to handle all situations that might come up during a game.

You get to pick your own hours and will make between $50-65 a game. There will be no shortage of opportunities to work once you get certified. Thousands of youth baseball and softball games will be played starting this April and they need an official for all of them. Work as much or as little as you'd like.

This sort of work experience looks GREAT on a college entrance exam. This is the type of summer job that exhibits leadership and responsibility, something every college is looking for. It also will teach valuable life experiences. Nothing prepares you for some of the uglier moments in life like dealing with an out-of-control parent or a coach on a power trip.

It's a profession you can continue for life and a wonderful community once you get to know everyone.

The next orientation is on March 23rd. Go to their website for more information. This is a great organization that will do everything it can to help you along the way. Enjoy yourself this summer, and work outside. I won't say you'll never regret it, officiating is hard sometimes, but the overall benefits will stay with you for life.

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