Well this move from McDonald's marks a big turn in using incentives to lure in some new employees.

Whether employers saw this coming or not, it doesn't help them motivate new recruits or the return of employees laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The story I hear most often from business owners in the restaurant industry is that collecting unemployment checks is a much more lucrative life. Until that option dries up, getting them to return or finding some good recruits, is going to be difficult.

For one McDonald's restaurant in Altamont, Illinois, using an expensive iPhone as 'employee bait', is the temporary solution to their staffing issues.

In a viral tweet from @brogawd_, we see the sign in the window promoting their free iPhone offer.

The fine print is that you must stay employed there for six months. The sign also says you must meet 'employment criteria' to get the free iPhone. What the heck does that mean? What exactly do you think that means the employee must do, or not do?

People on Twitter were not that thrilled with the offer.

[H/T Entrepreneur]

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